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Welcome to the homepage of the BMS Library Media Center!  Listed below are some general guidelines and tips relating to the checking out of books, conducting research, and printing assignments, etc.           

  • All students will be brought to the library approximately twice per month by a teacher from their academic team.
  • Students are allowed to check only ONE book out at a time.
  • Books must either be returned or renewed for extended checkout time every three weeks.
  • Always physically return a book to Mrs. Ruley or a library assistant.  NEVER lay a library book on the circulation desk or in front of the library.
  • If you lose a book, be prepared to pay for it!
  • Students who lose books will have their library privileges revoked until the book has been returned or paid for.
  • A small selection of books are intended for the seventh and eighth graders only.  These books are kept behind the circulation desk.  If you are a seventh and/or eighth grader, and you wish to checkout one of these books, please see Mrs. Ruley.
  • Do NOT bring any food or drinks into the Library Media Center.
  • Students enrolled in seventh and eighth grade Spanish I may visit the Library Media Center during their SPL class.  Seventh graders may visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while eighth graders may visit on Mondays and Wednesdays.  No checkouts during AA on Fridays.
  • The Library Media Center is equipped with eight student workstations that may be used to conduct research, and/or complete assignments.  These workstations are not for games.  Students caught playing games or being destructive with the hardware will have their technology privileges revoked.
  • A network printer is available for students to print assignments.  Please do not waste paper and toner.
  • Students are NOT permitted to come to the library without teacher permission.  Any student who does so will be issued a behavior referral to the office for skipping class.
  • Please do not randomly move books from one bookcase to another.  This greatly hinders other students from finding the books they are interested in reading.
  • If your library book starts to fall apart, please bring it to Mrs. Ruley as soon as possible for repair.
  • While in the library, remain calm and quiet.
  • Do not mark on the tables, play with the window blinds, play in between the bookcases or lean your chair back and prop your feet up on the tables.  We have a nice Library Media Center -- let's keep it looking like new!
  • The Library Media Center is closed daily 12:00-1:00 unless a teacher has scheduled to bring his/her class. 
  • If there is a book you would like to checkout and cannot find it, see Mrs. Ruley and/or a library assistant for help.
  • If there is a book or a book series the Library Media Center doesn't carry, please let Mrs. Ruley know so that she may order it and add it to the school collection. 
Lots of information, but its all very important.  I can't wait to help you find that fantastic book that takes you to magical places in your imagination.
Your Friendly Media Center Director,


Mrs. Cheryl Ruley


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